5 Practical Tips For Your Next Running Shoes


Now that you have started running, as I have recommended find the right shoe for youthe next thing you have to be aware of is your running shoes. You may know the latest technology that particular brand has offered but will it cater for your needs or will it just give you problems in the future?

I have written different running stores and running brands giving free gait analysis and you have…

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So Fill Up Your Lungs And Just Run


I heard the introduction of Sara Bareilles in Spotify about Chasing the Sun commentary:

this was a song of reflection when she received an email from a good friend went on the run through the cemetery in Queens and looking at the skyscrapers like big tombstones, about life and death, moment of reflection, embracing life while we have it and really just moving forward in a big way while we’re…

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How To Run? 5 Practical Tips for Beginners


I have been running for 4 years now and one of the main objectives of this blog was to chronicle how I started from 3k races to finishing a marathon, a trail race and an ultramarathon. I realized I have been giving you stories of the races I have joined and what I have learned that usually is quite overwhelming to someone who has this question mark on their faces: how to run?

To answer the…

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Press Media

Yesterday, I was invited to attend the launching of RiCo Corn Rice, a healthier alternative of our staple food rice. Basically it’s corn shaped like a rice and yes, it tastes even better than rice and a great alternative for your carbo loading needs. At Chef Jessie’s Restaurant, we were given a chance to taste from the starter to dessert appreciating the corn rice.

Let me tease you with the pictures:

I will soon post recipes on Facebook for you to appreciate RiCo Corn Rice even more. Now, if you should know corn is rich in beta-carotene, lutein, fiber and fortified with B-Vitamins, Calcium and Iron essential to any active individual.

As with rice that may turn into starch and useless sugar, RiCo Corn Rice is cholesterol free and low glycemic index ideal for weight watchers and diabetics. This is great for athletes who needed their daily dose of complex carbohydrates.

Remember how the Tarahumara Indians have corns and chia seeds as staple food as mentioned by Chris McDougall in his book, Born to Run. As corn, in this case corn rice is slower to break down into simple sugars, these ultarunners can endure long distances.

Go ahead and get your RiCo Corn Rice in supermarkets. Visit www.yummyhealthy.ph to know more about corn rice and recipes. Surprise, you can have corn rice in ANY menu unlike other rice.

Thinking of Carbo Loading? Why Not Try Corn Rice? Press Media Yesterday, I was invited to attend the launching of RiCo Corn Rice, a healthier alternative of our staple food rice.

Let your fervor be your driving force. 

What is it that moves people to do astounding things? Where do they get the grandeur and gravitas they emit? Someone told me before, it is not your position but the way you make people feel that influences others to move or be moved. Like I said, one doesn’t have to be in power to move others, some are maybe celebrities, while others are simply naturally charming. Let me answer you later but first, let me share to you what happened last Sunday, October 12, 2014 at the UP School of Economics, I attended the first TEDx event: TEDxDiliman thanks to CANVAS.

A confession: I love inspiring talks. They make you move. Like a song, without the melody, their words reverberate and even stick to you. I often watch videos from TED and Upworthy and it feels like a morning coffee that will perk you up and will not just make you think but will make you move! Bonus is when our country was put into spotlight when Geena Rocero gave a rousing speech in TED.

And when I received the email that I got in (never mind the error of 2013), it felt like it was the closest thing to my dream of giving a TED talk (yes Universe, let’s conspire it to happen!). Christopher McDougall of Born to Run, David Epstein and Aimee Mullins are just a few of those speaking my passion shared or more appropriately, stirred the crowd into thinking that sports or fitness or running isn’t just for health reasons, it has a lot to do with life!

TEDxDiliman featured on What I Have Learned this year and to Filipinos, it has a strong impact as we are a reflective country based on our roots, our culture and religion. Other than being resilient, I always believed we Filipinos are rich in arts and culture. And for you to squeeze notable speakers is just a gem of your time: Lisa Macuja, Rudy Quimbo, Gloc-9 (Aristotle Pollisco), Sherwin Gatchalian, Leeroy New and Bot Jocano.

I feel like I stood up in most talks, yes that is how I was moved. How should you start a TED talk? Joey Ayala made my heart marched with his Lupang HinirangAfter that I felt like tearing my cedulaback when Andres Bonifacio cried for freedom.

Here is what I posted on Instagram. I had to drink a chamomile tea to relax because I feel so excited to share what has been said:


So here are my thoughts on What I Have Learned.

Lisa Macuja, I felt like I was an eager student listening to her. And when she mentioned that ballet is still the strictest school because of its rules, you will truly admire how ballet dancers make something so hard look so easy. I learned from her the discipline, dedication and the love for what you are doing. “I can only give myself as a memory,”was struck me the most and in the course of this entry, you will understand why. She gave us The Dying Swan that she mentioned, “I will tell you a story without having to say a single word.” After the moving rendition, she quipped, “We practice for 6-12 hours so that the lines we make in space are beautiful lines.” I got teary eyed and wanted to watch a ballet performance soon but remembered the day just started.

From someone who has the world as a stage is someone who we usually treat as limited, but not this man. Rudy Quimbo maybe on wheels but he can do more mileage than a man who walks upright. To a person who is determined and knowing not to do is what steered him to live. “Real friends do not care about your wheels.” “We can never do the work unless we try.” Our ‘what ifs’ will hinder us from living and what really struck me, “All of us are just temporarily able.” This is true but our limits should not define us, our limits should drive us to break them down and prove that we are alive.

The TED video on Conflict of Interest by Dan Ariely gave a meaningful perspective on well, perspectives.


“Give advice that are inherently biases or incentives.” “When we identify what is wrong then we can actually fix it.”

Gloc-9 or Aristotle Pollisco his real name, shared what he has learned growing up as another dreamer, becoming a musician and collaborating with his superhero, the late Francis Magalona. He mentioned how he drove his dream to become a reality and be the respected artist he is now. For whoever told you that you won’t be successful, that is when you should work harder. What I appreciated was when he said, “Half of your journey is done, you just have to finish the other half.”He ended on a high note singing with Lirah Bermudez on Takip Silim mentioning on why you should do what you have to do today or regret for it tomorrow.

Another TED video was presented on Desertification by Allan Savory:


After the video, I thought if only we could share this video to our local farmers then we might just save most of our forests.

Another video shared from Clark Little of Inertia:

It made me want to go back to La Union and Baler to surf or just bask in the sun along the shores of Boracay, and this started as a hobby, something that he really loves.

Whoever thought that a talk about investing in technology can’t inspire you and actually make a change, you are wrong. Take Sherwin Gatchalian, who invested in technology to bring change. What I have learned is, not technology alone was the driving mechanism, it is changing the mindset of the people. He introduced something new and gave proper training that change followed because he believed in them, he entrusted the people to do what is right and then results came. And his suggestion, “Fix the small things,” means a lot in our country: if we started with ourselves, then we can actually do the right change in the government; and when I meant government: of the people, by the people, for the people.

From small things, you would be surprised when it reaches a larger space. For Leeroy New, who was endearingly called as weirdo by his parents is the man behind the drip art. This made me believe those we call eccentrics can create waves of change and that he is doing. From simple sketches, to street art, to installations, to fashion and now reaching to virtual space. He exhibited imagination into reality, that from nothing you can make something.

And we move to driving your dreams to success, to affecting others through arms. Felipe Jocano Jr or Boc Jocano is one anthropologist that made me wanted to revisit my arnis lessons in elementary days when I used to take classes in Kung Fu. What you will learn in Arnis is not just properly using the weapon, it teaches the most basic values of nation building, pakikisama and looking after others. This is essentially what you can learn in any sport (for my case, running and Crossfit). What struck me is when he said, “We cannot remain thinking small, we need to expand.” This is what we should learn, we may have a bright idea but we should keep on sharing it.

And sharing a simple gesture or an idea can create not just ripples but waves. Closing the session was James Deakin and he simply rationalized why he stopped giving money to charity. “Do not give to charity out of compassion, obligation or guilt. Apply to self interest,”With a nation of compassion and influenced by telenovelas, we usually extend our help as self-fulfillment. Instead of this, I learned to find my own blessing and from there, extend and give something of yourself. This way, the good deed was not just passed, it benefited all. From a man who had nothing, he may say he has a lot, but he does not stop there because he continues to be a blessing for others.

With the defining moments in our lives, a TED video tackled for the twenties, Meg Jay on Why 30 is not the new 20:


The 20s should be your defining moment. This is the right time to grab on your life and steer it.

And you see, summing it up and from Lisa Macuja to James Deakin, remember you are but a memory, so make good use of what you have or even better, make use of what you have and what you will be because life is not what it gives you, LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT.

I hope sharing my TEDx moment with you is enough to answer what makes people do astounding things. And let me add, they don’t live for themselves, they live for others. Again, thanks to the organizers of TEDxDiliman, you just gave me more reasons to pursue my passion.

‘Twas a TEDx Moment Let your fervor be your driving force.  What is it that moves people to do astounding things?

Chamomile tea.

Weekend has been productive I must say and I wanted a break this week. Ideas are flowing after the #TEDxDiliman. As I enjoyed writing, I can’t wait to pour the emotions and the fire from the speakers this year in my blog.

#WhatIveLearned is we can never do the work unless we try; that some stories can be told without a single word; that when we can identify what is wrong then we can actually fix it; that we can always realize our dreams no matter what; that we have to imitate Mother Nature to be able to survive; that we can start by fixing the small things; that we can start small things to spaces; that we can’t be stuck to being small, we have to expand; that we can always find a blessing in our lives and from there make use of it to help others; and always find something good to say or else you’re not thinking hard.

@tedxevents #PathLessTravelled on 2015 #TEDxDiliman


Press Release

The test of physical prowess has taken the country by storm and more and more competitions are set to recognize the hard work of the individual. On November 9, the Philippines’ first National Strongman Competition will happen at The Camp in Taguig City. 

Dubbed as The Titan Games, this event is made for every FILIPINO who want to change their lives for the better, through fitness and  health. The Titan Games seek to build TITANS – iron-willed individuals with a strong in mind and body.

This year, Titans will clash in the concrete jungle. Witness steel, wood, and rubber crash against each other as 6 winning individuals take all in this 2 division challenge. This whole-day event will feature challenges, mini-challenges, and a spectator-friendly event every person can enjoy.

The Titan Games wants every Filipino. We want a Fitter Philippines. But we also want our participants and spectators to have an awesome experience. So we’ve made 2 divisions that are as far apart in difficulty as you can imagine – a beginner’s level, Novice division for the everyday person, and a difficult Advanced division for the serious athlete.

Registration Process


This is for the EVERY man and the EVERY woman. This is for those who occasionally exercise, the sports enthusiast, the casual (insert sport here). Whether you play hoops with your friends on the weekend, stretch out and find your center every morning, love bicep curls and dancing, or a walk-a-thon junkie posing as a hardcore commuter, this is YOUR event.


An immovable object. An unstoppable force. Many are strong but only a few can be called TITANS. This division will reveal who are worthy of that title. If you’re part of your country’s elite fighting force, an athlete that has been training since Day 001 on Earth, a gym junkie who does not exercise but trains, or want to challenge your human limitations, then we invite you to clash against other TITANS.

CHALLENGES will be FOR TIME,  to finish the required movements  while following the scoring standards in the shortest time possible. There will be 4 main challenges with 5 minute time caps, where all participants can compete. Each challenge has a unique name connoting to the tasks to be accomplished. Only the Top 5 strongest Males and Females in each division will make it to the 5th Challenge, the Clash of the Titans! Winner will be the one with the shortest total time of all 5 challenges!

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded to each top male and female competitor in each division. Prizes from GNC, BeyondRaw, Fit Miss, Ensayo Gym Equipment, Gatorade, Quest Bar, Fitaid, Battle Brew, Progenex, Goat Tape, Brofit and WOD Nation are up for grabs! The advanced division male and female champions will be awarded the 2014 Titan Games – Titan, and they will become GNC’s BeyondRaw and Fit Miss next brand ambassadors!

Event Uniform

Register now at the following GNC Stores around Metro Manila, or at partner gyms!

Show ‘Em Your Guns! Titan Games on November 9 at The Camp! Press Release The test of physical prowess has taken the country by storm and more and more competitions are set to recognize the hard work of the individual.

Press Release

Now on it’s 6th year, SunPIOLOgy is having its adventured filled run with the stars! On November 15, Saturday at 3pm at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Sunpiology will have Indiana Jones inspired fun run with the elements of fire, water, wind and earth!


As the sun sets, your brighter adventure begins. Conquer the elements of nature in the SUNPIOLOGY: An Adventure Filled RUN with the STARS with mazes and crawls adding excitement to your usual fun run. Leap to the holiday spirit because every mile you go brings supported scholars closer to finishing their education.

One of the most anticipated annual charity events in the country, this year’s Sunpiology is set to take place on November 15, 3pm at BGC with 500m dash (PhP350), 3k (PhP700), 5k (PhP800) and 10k (PhP900) distances. This event is expected to be star-studded with the participation of Piolo Pascual and his co-Star Magic artists anely Jane Oineza, Ynna Asistio, Francis magundayao, Trina Legaspi, CJ Novato, Jovit Baldivino, Marki Stroemm, Igiboy Flores, former PBB All In housemates Aina Solano, Axel Torres, Fifth Solomon, Fourth Solomon, Joshua Garcia, Loisa Andalio, Manolo Pedrosa, Maris Racal, Nochole Barranda, Vickie Rushton, Rayver Cruz, Ejay Falcon, Joem Bascon, Jessy mendiola, Matteo Guidicelli and many other surprise guests.

“For this year, we want to do more than just dash to the finish line. We want to make this run more fun with surprises isnpired by the earth, wind, water and fire. It’s our way of bringing Sun Life‘s innovative spirit to our CSR activities,” explains Sun Life Philippines President and Chief Executive Officer, Riza Mantaring who is also a marathoner.

Born from the partnership between Sun Life Philippines and Star MagicSUNPIOLOGY has raised millions in funds for Hebreo Foundation and Star Magic charities (ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya, Nordoff Craniofacial of the Philippines and Star Magic scholars) in recent years. Organized this year by RunRio, the much anticipated charity run is uspported by the Sun Life Foundation, JM Squared and One Meralco Foundation. They are joined by media partners 9TV, ANC, Business Mirror, Star Studio, Cinema One, Jeepney TV, Mellow 94.7, Outcomm, Philippine Daily Inquirer, The Philippine Star and YES magazine with Toby’s and Runnr as registration partners.Official hotel partner is F1 Hotel Manila, official medical partner is St. Luke’s Medical Center, while event partners include 360 Fitness Club, Gardenia, Jamba Juice, Krispy Kreme, Max’s Purefoods Sexy Chix, San Mig Coffee, Nizoral, and Sun Life Grepa Financial. Venue partner is BGC, official hydration partner is Gatorade and Timex as official timer.

“Every year, SUNPIOLOGY becomes more meaningful because we get to see how much we are helping the lives of our beneficiaries. We also receive more assistance, which means that more people are pitching in. Together, we do live up to the most generous season of the year,” mused Pacual during its launch presscon.

Registration is until November 12 thru www.sunpiology.com or through our official registration partners Runnr BGC and Toby’s (Mall of Asia, Robinsons Galleria, North Edsa The Block).

Registrants will receive a Sun Life water bottle together with the race kits and raffle awaits as you finish the adventure race! What are you waiting for?

Sunpiology now on its 6th Year with Adventure Run! Press Release Now on it’s 6th year, SunPIOLOgy is having its adventured filled run with the stars!

Press Release

Last October 1, Nike Philippines launches the Nike Run Club and Nike Air Zoom Structure 18 at the BHS Amphitheater.

In spite of the downpour, runners came from different groups to witness the launch of Nike Run Club.

The run crews gathered to do five (5) exciting and fun activities such as circuits and even braving the heights with flying trapeze thanks to Flying Trapeze PhilippinesCoach Rio dela Cruz and the rest of Nike Training Club (NTC) were there to support and encourage the run crews and even runners who went there and were grouped together pushing the tempo!

We were fortunate that Team Six30 came in 2nd, having Ayala Triads as 1st and Team Boring as 3rd, besting 8 run crews. The Nike Run Club will be available every Wednesdays, initially in BGC around 6pm, drills and running clinic will be facilitated under NTC and Runrio.

As part of the Run Crew, Team Six30 and the rest of the crews were given a chance to try out the latest Nike Air Zoom Structure 18! It felt really light even for a stability shoe and actually felt great running with it alongside my team!

Zoom Structure 18 is the latest stability shoes offered by Nike without sacrificing the speed the runner needs in his/her run. Just like Nike Air Pegasus, the Nike Air Zoom Structure 18 is an active iteration of Nike when it comes to running as runners are after stability with a dash of speed! Thanks Nike Philippines for lending us the shoes during training!

Nike Launches Nike Run Club and Nike Air Zoom Structure 18! Press Release Last October 1, Nike Philippines launches the Nike Run Club and Nike Air Zoom Structure 18…

#Wonderfilm is open to college undergraduates and film students.

The wonderful story could be anything—from a long-awaited text from an old friend to a last-minute call from your dream company—as long as Globe plays a key role. Films should be 5 minutes long. Submissions are until October 24, 2014, 6:00PM. selection of winners will be on October 28. Selected films will win as much as P100,000!

Check out the website: www.globe.com.ph/wonderfilm.