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You wanted to download that app but you don’t have a credit card or you are afraid to give your personal data? Globe gives you that solution!

Over 1.3 million and growing. That’s the number of apps on the Google Play Store, the go-to store for apps and digital content of Android smartphone owners. From social networking, music streaming, down to booking a restaurant or securing that elusive parking spot, there is an app for anything you can think of. Be it a free app, a paid or premium one, the Google Play Store has everything for every type of mobile phone user.

Majority of Filipinos though have to stick with free apps to use, due to non-ownership of a credit card, one way to pay for premium apps on Google Play Store. According to the CIA Fact Book in 2013, only 4% of Filipinos own credit cards.

All that is about to change as Globe Telecom makes purchasing on Google Play Store easier and more convenient. Progressively rolling out starting August 20, Globe Postpaid, Prepaid and TM customers may now be able to purchase any app or in-app item on the Google Play Store and charge the cost directly to their load or Postpaid bill! No credit card needed!

“Globe has always prioritized a differentiated customer experience. Our goal is to provide products and services that make our customers’ lives easier and more convenient especially now that more and more people are going mobile. The convenience of purchasing your favorite apps and in-app items using your Globe load or postpaid bill really makes a wonderful difference to our customers’ overall experience with Globe,” shares Globe Vice President for Digital Media Glenn Estrella.

To begin purchasing apps, first time users just need to select the app they wish to purchase in Google Play Store, accept the app permissions and on the payment options menu, select “Enable Globe Telecom Billing”. After agreeing to the Terms of Service, register your phone number, name and address then the payment will be processed successfully. For succeeding purchases, you just need to enter your Google ID and password to continue processing the payment.

Recently, Globe also announced that its network already has 100% 3G coverage, and by end of September this year, 100% 4G HSPA+ coverage, enabling faster and more seamless browsing for its over 44 million mobile and broadband customers. With Globe and Google Play Store, experience all the new and wonderful apps and in-app features the app world has to offer!

A mobile data connection or WiFi is needed to complete purchases. Upon successful purchase, an email notification from Google will be sent to your registered email.

Purchases made via Globe load or postpaid bill are charged in Philippine peso and are subject to 12% additional VAT over and above the display price on the Google Play App Store.

To know more about this latest service visit Globe Telecomcall 730-1010 or visit any Globe store nearest you!

Purchase your next Google Play App with Globe! Press Release You wanted to download that app but you don’t have a credit card or you are afraid to give your personal data?

Where to Dispose Your Old Phone? Join Project 1 Phone!



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Raise your hands if you still have your first ever phone? Is it still functioning? If yes, kudos to you! For those whose mobile phones are no longer working, let’s do our share in lessening our carbon footprint by joining Globe Telecom’s Project 1 Phone!

Old Phones

Leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom launched last August 22 the biggest mobile recycling program in the…

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Globe Presents Digital Lifestyle Expo on August 22-23 at SM Megamall

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It will be a wonderful weekend as Globe invites everyone for the digital experience with lots of discounts, freebies and other surprises this August 22-23!


Digital innovations are changing the way we live and communicate. Technology experts have seen the rise of new trends in consumer behavior as mobile device usage continues to increase.

Every day, people are more drawn into…

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Makes sense to me.

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By @yabangpinoy “Whether you need to dress up or dress down, choose Filipino made designs that rise to the occasion.

Island Girl necklace, @sewnsandals , @etymology_ph dress

Find more homegrown brands at the #GlobalPinoyBazaar, World Trade Center on 22-24 August.” via @PhotoRepost_app


Alaska IronKids Support Gatas for Breakfast!


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Our country still has children who are undernourished. There is a widening gap from the underprivileged to the richest in our country that is why most companies reach out to answer the needs of our children. Last August 1, Alaska IronKids, Alaska Tri-Aspire Team and professional athletes Pete Jacobs, Caroline Steffen and Belinda Granger.


August 1 was a memorable day for our…

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Hips don’t lie and you should definitely use it when #running.

More of engaging your hips when you run at https://runningfreemanila.com


I learned a lot in running. And you don’t stop learning in running.

When I learned Pose Method of Running from Mizuno Run Academy headed by Coach Patrick Joson, I am already oriented with Chi Running and Natural Running by Newton. It may come in different names but I find these methods the easiest to understand without having to over think.

I am coming from a perspective of an individual who does not like too much complications or too much explanation. Imagine me as a client that anytime I will be leaving after a minute, that short span of attention. And I was given this analogy: a ball rolling down a ramp and you just ‘falling’ to gravity. That simply explains how to run more efficiently.

Now, I already wrote some articles from the lectures (Google runningfreemanila.com: Pose) and you will learn more of what I would like to share. But for this article I will share the importance of strengthening the hips.

Empowering the hips is not only stressed in running but also in the sports that I am currently engaged with such as swimming and Crossfit.


The hip joint is one of the most important joints in the human body. It allows us to walk, run, and jump. It bears our body’s weight and the force of the strong muscles of the hip and leg. Yet the hip joint is also one of our most flexible joints and allows a greater range of motion than all other joints in the body except for the shoulder. 

Source: http://www.innerbody.com/image/skel15.html

In swimming, it helps in the pivot and transfer of the movement from the arms to the legs (but does not entirely mean you have to focus on the hips). To be efficient in swimming, we need to reduce unnecessary movements and that depends on the hips. It helps in lessening the drag. Switching the body from side to side with the use of the hips is something that is also well discussed through Pose Method in Swimming.

In Crossfit, it helps in doing movements correct and precise, avoiding any injury that may happen especially in the spine. If the hips will move by itself without the coordination of the other body parts, your hips will not only hurt but the rest of your body. Better understanding is discussed in lifting bars here. Helping the hips open them is discussed for mobility by Crossfit Invictus.

Having said that, warming up and doing mobility workout for the hips is helpful in reducing the tension in your legs and widening your stride when your run. We usually talk about foot strike as I already mentioned in my recent article but learning Pose, the way our foot lands on the ground is just a result of how our core and hips move.

We overstride (over extend our natural stride or range of our steps) when we tend to have a leg whiplash and that is caused by a wrong positioning of the hip. And this is also meant the importance of training of the core and the hips. We slow down when we usually slouch but as we learn to go upright with our hips in place, we can actually transfer the stress. If we have weak hips, we also tend to tire out after how many kilometers.

A strong set of hips will help in the pulling of the thighs and the calves, the last part of the Pose. And this is when we transfer energy to the other leg and then we continue the cycle: Pose-Fall-Pull. Now this is not easy at first as we are used to our range of motion. We already have this orientation how we run, all we have to do is realign what we know and learn this kind of motion.

Another helpful way to discover and engage your hips is through yoga. As we are usually seated for long hours from work, our hip flexors are tight that sometimes branches to our lower back or our legs. Here are some yoga poses to open your hips.

Lastly, reading may quite be overwhelming. But as we try to do each suggested steps to open, strengthen and maximize the use of our hips then we can enjoy running even more.

To end this article, here are my personal favorites to engage those hips:
1. Walking lunges
2. Pigeon pose
3. Knee hugs to airplane transition
4. Air squats
5. Leg swing (front-back, left-right)







Your Hips and Running, Engage it! I learned a lot in running. And you don’t stop learning in running. When I learned 

Bringing Crossfit One Step Closer to You

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Crossfit is turning the world a fitter place one individual at a time. And this time, CrossfitMNL is treating everyone a taste of Crossfit and Crossfit Striking!


From July to October 2014, CFMNL Eastwood offers a free workout to all the ladies every Wednesday (#bootycampwednesdays), 9am, 11am and 7pm on a first come, first serve basis.

And for August 2014, CFMNL newest program, Cro…

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R3RUN gathered 10,000 runners at BlueBay Walk last August 10!

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I went to BlueBay Walk as a spectator and not as a participant. Last Sunday, August 10 was the culminating activity of the 2 months of run clinic of Trans-Asia Run A Mile. And the rest of 10,000 participants joined Quanta Paper R3Run, Run for Sustainability.


It was a new venue: BlueBay Walk where TV personalities such as Jasmine Curtis-Smith, RJ Padilla and Kylie Padilla joined Q…

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