It was like the first time. I wonder if I can still do it. But somehow the theme of this race took away the nerves. Last July 20 was The Bull Runner-CarbTrim All Woman Race in Filinvest City. Celebrating womanity with women running and men alongside wearing tutus!

It was a fun day after the calm. Everyone is in high hopes that the weather will be just fine and it was! Women (and men as honorary women for that day) ran the half marathon, 10k and 5k.

The route was a friendly one caramelized with flat roads and hills that would make the race not your ordinary one. Since most of our women who are fond of running are stronger than men, hills are just a way of waking up the legs and hips! (I mentioned this part because I am really cursing that part, haha!)

I tried the Galloway method (1k run: 1min walk) but at kilometer 14, I gave in. I thought I have a marathon to finish next Sunday so I just have to do a muscle memory in this one. Glad that I paced with most of the triathletes training for the upcoming IronMan in Cebu and most are quite popular in the triathlon scene.

As some of them were chanting that this is for their IM, I was silently concentrating how on earth will I perform on my full marathon next week. Oh well, with the pink tutu I am wearing, I was reminded to have fun in this race, matched with my red shirt, red socks and white with red shoes! (Thanks Mizuno, Zoot and Vamos socks!)

It was really fun and as promised to Macel and Jaymie, I still remembered blushing when they dressed me up with the race singlet, tutu and boa! Told them, I will wear that tutu and be Tessa Prieto for a day, so I did and the rest of the men who were game!

It was a comeback race for me after getting that skin injury (MRSA) that almost crippled me last March and April. My last race was October 2013 in Nuvali (Safeguard 2XU Sole Racing) and last January I suffered a terrible dehydration for a week (I am lactose intolerant, note to self) that made me miss Run United 1 this year.

It was also nice that I bumped into familiar faces in the running community. Something that is not common nowadays as there are a lot of runners already.

And so this one was a success as I crossed the finish line and got my medal. Thanks Jaymie and the rest of the TBR team and CarbTrim for a successful event! Looks like this one will be the start of annual event huh? :)


Loved the medal and the post race atmosphere. It really felt like a festival celebrating womanity and even running.

Welcome back run in All Woman Race! It was like the first time. I wonder if I can still do it. But somehow the theme of this race took away the nerves.

Press Release Crossfit has been around the country for quite some time. Several boxes and…

Press Release

Crossfit has been around the country for quite some time. Several boxes and affiliates pop up like mushrooms making more and more individuals to their fitter and better selves.

CrossfitMNL (CFMNL) introduced CFMNL Striking as a combination of the traditional Crossfit movements with punches and kicks or what I loosely coined Crossfit+kickboxing!


CFMNL Striking is initially offered…

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Advancing punch combo and one hand kb swing high pull complex were skills tonight. Really enjoyed the #kettlebell part.

Would you like to join me? Hurry as the free trial season is about to end. If I were you, try the free session and I assure you, you’d go back for more! #CrossfitStriking #CFMNLStriking

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I have a fascination of flight. I’m afraid of heights though, I’m more after the feeling of freedom and you can spread your wings and soar.

For some reason, I have clipped wings. Compromise and consideration crippled me. Sarcasm became my excuse, something that I can just laugh at, on my expense.

And so I enjoy seeing a vast horizon, whether it’d be sky, sea or the mountain. I don’t see limits, something that held me ever since.

Last night I remembered how it felt to be important. I don’t seek attention but last night when the crowd suddenly burst into song, simply singing “Happy birthday” and strangers were cheering, smiling and clapping; I thought wow, I thought I was 7 years old again, so carefree and enjoying what’s it like being a child.

Nah, I can’t afford to be like that. Every move is calculated. I am limited by the harsh reality of maturing early, to defend myself and explain things.

But I will still strive to be free, just like the bird just hopping around and flying where it wanted it to be.

I may have clipped wings, but I will still flap it while I can.



Friend, when the day of trouble comes, know that God is with you and for you. He’s not the one who is against you. Keep your eyes on Him. Trust that He has a plan. Trust that He will make your crooked places straight and your rough places smooth. Lift your eyes to Jesus because He is the Author and Finisher of your faith — a very present help in the day of trouble.

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My playlists: Late night reading, Crossfit, Your favorite coffeehouse, music for airports, Beach… Just a few reasons why I enjoy #Spotify

Coldplay, Zedd, Sam Smith, Iggy Azalea, Emeli Sande…some artists for easy listening. How about you?

#GoSURFSpotify @enjoyglobe


So I had this as my birthday gift. I miss reading. Interesting how Statistics (my undergrad course) will be applied in love at first sight. Yep, other than coffee, I guess a good book will do as a present (of course, there’s also new shoes, sneakers, ipod, jeans or shirts haha!) Here’s to a well deserved break! 🎉🎁🎂